Our History

Beata Holub, is the owner and founder of Beatriss Tailoring Company.
Tailoring has been her lifelong passion and she loves being a part of something that really matters to people. Passion makes all the difference.

Several years after graduating from a sewing school in Poland back in the 1990’s she came to the U.S. where she worked for a number of tailors acquiring hands-on experience and learning the art of designing, cutting, fitting, and finishing custom made clothing, deepening her skills towards achieving professional perfection.

She spent ten years working for a Greek tailor where she was taught all the tricks of the trade as a right hand for an older Italian gentleman. Being mentored by him and watching him approach his craft with passion made her fall in love with what she did.

The difference lies in loving what you do…she loves having direct contact with the client and the idea that in a short period she is able to turn something unwearable into a delightful masterpiece, seeing the immediate effect of her work, joy and satisfaction on her client’s face – makes everything better!

Before founding her own high–end tailoring boutique she spent several years working for Maria Pinto, a contemporary American designer whose client included former First Lady Michelle Obama, Marcia Gay Harden, Brooke Shields, Oprah Winfrey and Chicago’s elite. This invaluable experience of working with luxurious Italian fabrics and demanding clientele gave her the hard earned and filled with confidence to finally transition to being on her own in 2010.

Beata has high expectations of those who join her team. She is providing a great working environment for her employees while delivering the highest quality service to her clients, meeting and exceeding their expectations is of utmost importance to her.

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